Yewno Create

Real world project based learning

Yewno Create is the first and only platform for students to conduct research and publish their work to peer-reviewed journals affiliated with the Designership Institute. It connects schools, teachers, and students through real-time research and collaboration tools using AI to help students make a real world impact aligned with their passions. Schools subscribe to Yewno Create for a small annual fee. Create is free for students to use if you sign up for the competition!
This is what we need to prepare our kids for the 21st centrury. A project-based platform for students to make an impact on a topic they care about.

- Esther Wojcicki, World Renowned Leader in Education

Design. Discover. Create.

Yewno Create gives students the ability to design research questions aligned with their passions, discover connections within their research, and collaborate, curate and publish their article in peer-reviewed journals with real-time feedback from professors.

How it works

Yewno’s algorithms and deep learning capabilities allow you to discover topics and concepts like never before. Search any concept and unearth connections to relating to it.

Search concepts that interest you and learn about how they relate to the world.


With Yewno
Easily and intuitively explore a visual set of connections across a comprehensive research landscape, even in unfamiliar interdisciplinary fields. It is a highly effective method for discovering resources that might have otherwise been overlooked, and ensures that users experience comprehensive and credible coverage on any topic. Users can instantly connect into the full articles and source materials they find by syncing with a library’s existing search tools and platforms.


With Yewno
Have the ability to work with students across the world on any topic of your interest. Yewno Create gives you a chance to easily collaborate on articles and join researchers and students on making a world impact no matter where you are located! Discuss articles and have intellectual engagements instantly.


With Yewno
For the first time ever Students can submit their research papers to peer-reviewed Journals. With Yewno, Students can learn how to write a research paper and can submit their article to a peer-reviewer instantly. Become a published researcher before stepping into college by conducting research and designing a paper on Yewno Create.

Join the Competition!

Yewno Create gives you the chance to discover knowledge like never before. Publish your work in a peer-reviewed journal and make a real-world impact. Try out Create by joining the Do Yewno? Competition and submit your article for prizes!